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Picnic is a vital part of the food chain, and we are recruiting! Check our open positions and join the supermarket revolution!

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Technology, smart planning, and a fleet of electric vehicles lead to less food waste and fewer food miles. Picnic is competitive and sustainable.

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Technology & Engineering

Our teams

We value freedom and responsibility. There’s always room to design unique solutions and upset the status quo. In a dynamic atmosphere, diverse teams collaborate on projects, taking ideas from the drawing board to implementation. We're all curious, and everyone is hungry for a challenge.

People of Picnic

Perks and benefits

Treat yo’ self

Develop your personal and professional skills with our in-house trainings ranging from Dutch lessons to time and stress management classes. In your own time, on our own dime.

Happy Doggos

Having a bad day? Let one of the office dogs comfort you. Need some quick exercise, borrow a dog, and go for a walk to get those dopamine levels back up.

Friends Only

You won’t find colleagues here. When you join Picnic, you join a group of friends who just so happen to be working on an amazing project together.

Friday Drinks*

Celebrate the start of the weekend with vrijmibo*, the occasional pub quiz, karaoke sessions, or whichever form of entertainment you prefer.

Healthy Moves

Football, hockey, cycling, swimming, running (or all five). However we do it, we like to move it, move it. Usually together, always like King Julian.

Food for Thought

Getting shit done is a high-energy activity. Our chefs prepare delicious lunches and healthy snacks every day to make sure you’re always on top of your game.