Data Systems Engineer

Data Systems Engineer

Have you experienced a data lake that was more like a Data Swamp? We’re looking for a Data Platform Engineer to join our tech team. Keep your metaphorical feet dry and come work at Picnic: where we work with well-maintained Data Ponds.

Where you fit in

Picnic is a data-driven company. Ever since the beginning, smart data and business intelligence have been part of our vision. From our app-only store to the smart distribution system: we have all the data collected and neatly organised. But as we’re scaling, there is an ever-increasing demand for information delivery. Our systems need to process a larger volume of data and serve more complex queries.

As our Data Platform Developer, you add a programmer’s flair to automation processes and database management. Picnic’s data process is multi-dimensional and we need you to keep on top of the three Vs: volume, variety and voracity. You’re ready to deep dive into big data (and keep it all ‘smart data’).

An interest in DevOps helps you build and develop Picnic’s data system. By working on automated job execution, data processing and through monitoring and maintaining our data-intensive applications, you help Picnic scale from 275,000 to 1,000,000 customers.

What you do

  • Maintain databases (Snowflake, PostgreSQL, MongoDB) or better yet - help automate the processes
  • Extend our advanced Snowplow-based event processing pipeline
  • Develop and maintain data processing and workflow management tools
  • Be the master build for the Data Teams (plural) CI/CD pipelines

What you need

  • Programming experience in Java and/or Python
  • Experience with automation for data processing (ETL/ELT) and/or build systems (CI/CD)
  • Desired: experience with data systems or database management
  • Desired: experience with infrastructure automation using Terraform, Docker and Kubernetes


  • iconCV screening
  • iconPhone conversation
  • iconOnline test (dependent per role)
  • iconInterviews
  • iconOn-site day
  • iconHired

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