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Operations Manager

Operations Manager


Many processes happen simultaneously across our operation. It's a growing and changing environment and each day presents a logistical puzzle. As our Operations Manager, you manage the floor and keep on top of daily challenges.

A few days a week you're in charge of an entire Fulfilment Center (FC). You will be the Supervisor of the day, and you'll spend this day on the shop floor. During this day you lead 100 to 150 Shoppers and their team leads to ensure all groceries leave the FC complete and on time. Under your supervision, people stay happy and there is a slick, smooth and intelligent flow of goods. Supervisor shifts come in day (06:30 - 16:00) and evening (14:00 - 22:00) shifts and can take place every day of the week, including weekends.

The rest of the week, you implement diverse projects to optimize and scale our operations, so we can continue growing at the current incredible speed. With insights gained from the floor and an eye for how processes work, you analyse the workflow of the FC and find efficiency gainers. Soon you’ll have multiple projects under your belt and a passion for making improvements. You usually test a project within your own FC first, and later on implement it in other FCs when it's a success.

We develop in-house software to keep an edge on our operational game. There’s a team of Data Analysts and Software Developers that create our systems. You’ll work with them to deep dive into issues, and together you improve Picnic’s Warehouse Management System.

You will also be in charge of one team within the FC, for example the operators or captains. You will have frequent meetings with this team and evaluate their performance. 

Are you excited? This is the chance to develop future-proof supply chains and establish the next generation of operational logistics. Our young team takes on big challenges. Come join us!

What you do

  • Supervise an FC a few days a week
  • Motivate large groups of people to reach challenging objectives
  • Formulate, manage and monitor operation metrics while diagnosing and improving processes, procedures, and operational performance
  • Implement and test projects to improve flow processes and the Warehouse Management System
  • You'll have one FC as your base 

What you need

  • Master’s degree in Engineering, Supply Chain or related
  • 1 to 6 years of full-time work experience, preferably in a warehouse environment (<1 years experience? Take a look at our Fast Track starting in March and September!)
  • Experience with leadership roles
  • Drive: with a get-up-and-go attitude, you’re ready at 6 A.M. 
  • Quick thinking: you identify issues and come armed with a solution
  • Capable mind: intellectual horsepower to learn on the go
  • Analytical eye: not a data wizard, but you quickly grasp numerical information
  • Humbleness: you stack shelves and pack boxes to better understand the flow of processes
  • Fluency in English and French

Want to see what the Operations Manager position is like? Check out this video and read the stories of Operations Manager Tim van den Berg and Fast Track trainee Stefan Tjeerdsma.

Interested, but not completely ready to apply? Send recruiter Nikki Suijkerbuijk an e-mail with your CV. If there's a potential match with the role she can set you up for a (digital) coffee date with one our Operations Managers who can answer all your burning questions, before handing in your application! 


  • iconCV screening
  • iconPhone conversation
  • iconOnline test*
  • iconInterviews
  • iconOn-site day*
  • iconHired

* Depending on the role

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