Picnic's Fast Track to Leadership - Supply Chain (Sept 2020)

Picnic's Fast Track to Leadership - Supply Chain (Sept 2020)

The Netherlands

The Fast Track to Leadership will start again in September 2020. Applications will open in April 2020. Sign up below to get a reminder when the application opens up!


Where you fit in

Picnic is the fastest-growing company in the Netherlands. Within three years, we’ve grown from 8 to 3,000 people, and from 0 to 300’000 customers! And we’ve also gone international! We’re now operating in Germany and who knows which countries will be next. Want to know our secret? Looking to boost your career? Then apply to Picnic’s Fast Track to Leadership in Supply Chain.

During this leadership program, you’ll dive into all operational aspects of Picnic, and we’ll help you to become a true leader in one of our Fulfilment Centers. Fulfilment what? A Fulfilment Center (FC) is the nerve center of our operations. It’s where Shoppers assemble orders for our customers, before dispatching them to a Hub from which we drive the goods in our electric vehicles to our customers. Up to 500 people work in an FC, and we’re looking for someone to lead them!

Not convinced? Then how about learning everything you need to know to become a great operations manager, in under 2 years. From soft-skills such as leadership and project management to hard-skills, such as Excel and Tableau, you will receive all the training necessary (and more!) in only a couple of years. Think this is just another traineeship? It’s not! Are you ready for the challenge?

At Picnic, we believe in giving responsibility to everyone, and we trust in each other’s proactiveness to get the job done. Within such an environment, you’ll have the ability to apply all your learnings within a real-life professional environment and develop yourself the way you see fit. In the leadership program, you’ll be provided with a range of tools, and will be put in an environment that will allow you to grow into an amazing leader.

What challenges await you

Year 1

You start off the program strong with an extensive onboarding, where you get to rotate between various teams such as the Distribution team and the Customer Success team and you get to spend a day in all the Fulfilment Centers in the Netherlands. You will also work on a project together with your fellow trainees. Once you’ve completed the onboarding, you move to one FC (your base for the rest of the year) where you take on the role of a Shopper, Shopper +, Captain, Supervisor and junior Operations Manager. At the same time, you are coached by experienced team members and mentors, you follow supply chain related workshops from Picnic experts, and you attend classes and workshops all focusing on leadership. But you are always in command of your own development, so together, we build your personalized program. Periodically, you meet with your mentor and decide on what next step is best for you.

Year 2

After you’ve mastered the skill of leading an FC, it’s time to focus on improving the supply chain processes. You rotate to a different FC, with opportunities abroad (Germany, or who knows which countries will follow), and your training shifts to project management. With all the experience you’ve gathered, you now have more time to develop your own projects and ideas to further improve our operation while you train in the latest tools available.  

Who you are

  • Master’s degree preferably in Supply Chain or Engineering  
  • Less than 2 years of work experience
  • Experience in leadership positions
  • Fluent in English, Dutch for bonus points
  • Excited to get started with a hands-on job in operations

Important dates

  • Start of the Fast Track: September 2020
  • More dates will be announced later

Do you have any questions remaining? Send an e-mail to our Supply Chain recruiter Nikki.

Want to get a better feeling of what the job is like? Then watch this video.


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