Diverse Data and Business Intelligence

By Ana Narciso, Data Engineer

When I started at Picnic in 2016, I was surprised to see that for such a young company the infrastructure was very mature. The data warehouse had been set-up and many entities and systems were already covered. That really impressed me. I could see that business intelligence had been at the core since the beginning. This sets us apart from other startups. Usually, when people start a business they make the app, set-up operations and later on, they collect data and begin to make smart decisions.

Picnic has been data-driven from the start. We created the systems that communicate with suppliers, manage warehouses, plan the distribution and write delivery routes. Everything is managed in-house. And since we’re a fully-fledged supermarket we can track everything from the supplier to the customer’s door. This gives us the opportunity to collect data, analyse it and channel our findings towards intelligent business decisions.

As a data engineer, I need to be aware of what my work means in terms of the business. I have to master an understanding of the business needs. I need to know where to pull the data from and how to model it. The whole thing. The whole pipeline. I’m involved from the beginning to the end. This means my job is both personal and diverse – I get to talk to everyone in the company!

When you work on different projects and switch between teams, you have to measure and analyse different things. Sometimes it’s like working in a new business. The breadth, variety and extent of our data make my job interesting, as well as giving me a detailed overview of the whole company.