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Picnic: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

I’m one of the few employees of the customer success team that did not start at Picnic as a customer success representative, although I managed to get a grip of the Picnic service culture within a week. After I graduated from university, I worked in different teams within organizations but decided to make a switch to planning and HR because I enjoy organizing, planning and working with people. Every day, I make sure that we have enough capacity to give our customers the amazing service they deserve.

If I compare working at Picnic with my previous jobs, I would say that the largest difference is flexibility and the “if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again” mentality. We learn from our mistakes to become a better team each -and every day.

Being the people planner of CS comes with lots of responsibilities, which is exciting, but working for a data-driven organization is also a lot of fun. No decision is made without support from statistical data. What I love about Picnic is the atmosphere, diversity and the freedom to improve both your hard and your soft skills.  For example, I got the freedom to improve the tools used to schedule the customer success agents. This led me to work more efficiently, and thus to greater results.

- Jolene Afriyie-Addai, Customer Success Planner

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