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The similarities between quantum mechanics and online groceries

I am a theoretical physicist, and at Picnic I sell groceries online for a living. If you think it sounds strange - it really isn’t.

I find myself applying learnings from my technical background every day: in physics, you learn how beneath seemingly chaotic or unpredictable phenomena you can find simple, powerful laws and logic. It’s the job of a scientist to de-clutter and simplify, to get to the heart of the matter.

This mindset applies just as much to the world of online groceries as it does to quantum mechanics, and it’s this attitude to tackling challenges that binds us together at Picnic. We’re a top-notch team full of energy, redefining how business is done in the largest consumer market in the world – groceries. Our international team of Business Analysts is at the cutting edge of developing innovative solutions across our business, from supply chain and logistics to the customer experience.

Up for complex challenges? Dare to create real impact? Curious, analytical, and excited by challenges you’ve never taken on before? Then join us! Our German and Dutch teams are hiring Business Analysts, graduates as well as experienced.

- Arthur Reijnhart, Recruitment & Growth Operations, Picnic Germany

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