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Logistiek Coördinator

Logistiek Coördinator

Utrecht, Amsterdam

Do you want to be part of the supermarket revolution? At Picnic you get the chance to join a young and forward-thinking startup culture, where everything you do matters. With a data-driven approach and an incredible service, Picnic strives to make grocery shopping simple, fun, and affordable for everyone. Known for our just-in-time supply-chain and a unique last-mile delivery strategy, we have become one of the fastest-growing companies of the Netherlands!

Where you fit in

Many processes happen simultaneously across our operations. It's a growing and changing environment and each day presents a logistical puzzle. We develop an understanding of how processes interact to keep the supply chain, and in particular just in time transportation, running smoothly. As the Logistics Coordinator, you proactively spot issues, find quick solutions and help keep our customers happy.

You and the Supply Chain team stay on top of everything. There's constant communication, so when challenges occur, you know what to do first. Afterwards, you make improvements so we can manage these challenges in the future.

Logistics is what links suppliers to our warehouses, our warehouses to each other, and our warehouses to our hubs. Understanding the flow of goods, their volumes, sensitivity to timeliness and variability of these is required to make sure we can build the most efficient logistics network.

In this role, you will be working with many internal (distribution centers, fulfillment centers, hubs) and external stakeholders (suppliers, carriers). You need to convince these stakeholders that the solution you propose is the best. Picnic has a just in time supply chain, so strict service levels need to be agreed in order to deliver on our core promise: free delivery of a complete order, within the promised time window.

Picnic is an evolving company and we run in-house systems. You'll have the resources to find innovative efficiencies in our logistics supply chain and implement projects. From improving the load rate, reducing empty driving distance, to identifying short and long term improvements, you optimize Picnic’s operation.


What you do

  • Coordinate Picnic’s supply chain logistics;
  • Maintain and monitor Picnic’s logistics relationship with our suppliers and our carriers;
  • Manage and adjust the transport timetable, however, you do not do day-to-day planning;
  • Design, implement and run improvement projects;
  • Next to your work in the office in Utrecht, you will need to spend time at our suppliers, warehouses and hubs, because that is where shipments start and end.

What you need

  • Master’s degree, preferably related to Supply Chain Management or Engineering;
  • 1 till 4 years of experience within the supply chain field;
  • Fluency in Dutch, and preferably also English;
  • Data drive: you want to verify every claim with solid data;
  • Experience in coordination: your last holiday had a full itinerary;
  • Responsibility and leadership: you can work independently and you have a confident personality;
  • Composure: the ability to work under pressure and meet daily deadlines;
  • Persistence and enthusiasm: you turn ‘it’s not possible’ into ‘it’s on the way’;
  • Determination and pragmatism: no ifs, no buts. You just get it done;
  • Commercial awareness: you know what the business needs and when;
  • Superb communication: capacity to articulate problems and projects to all stakeholders.

Write history by developing yourself within the fastest-growing company of The Netherlands, while optimizing the Picnic supply chain, and improving your communication and analytical skills. Apply now!

Dutch keywords: Supply Chain Planner, Logistiek Planner, Logistiek Coordinator, inkoop, procurement, optimalisatie, ketenregie, logistiek manager, transport. 


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