Growing with Picnic: From Intern to Expert

Three years ago, I was an intern researching the mechanisation of warehouses. It was a challenging time. There were only thirty people at Picnic so everyone got stuck in to help out in the warehouse, with deliveries or wherever necessary. We were all flexible and ready for the unexpected.

While we were constantly fine-tuning processes, I realised right from the beginning that projects weren’t only about optimisation, but also about creation. People were supportive and open to change and improvements. This startup attitude allowed me to constantly learn and develop my abilities.

Currently, I’m on the team that’s designing Picnic’s automated warehouse in Utrecht. But even with more than 200 people working in our main office, the desire to innovate and be creative remains the same. The energy and open-mindedness that makes working in a startup so exciting have been translated and continuously passed on.

For many people, it’s a new way of working. But once you start challenging yourself, or become fearless in transferring skills to new areas, the opportunities to learn are endless. Picnic gave me this environment in which to grow. I started as an intern. Now, I’m an expert.

- Amy Klein, Fulfilment Analyst

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