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Staying Ahead of the Tech Curve

The challenges that Picnic faces require advanced science and cutting-edge technology. As the company grows, business processes and operations become increasingly complex. To create future-proof solutions we look for innovative ways to simplify and automate manual and laborious tasks.

As Picnic’s CTO, I make sure that we’re aware of all upcoming developments in technology. There are strong connections with scientific institutes and the team has active relations with industry research groups. Every week, promising key trends are evaluated and discussed as part of our technology watchlist. We play with the latest technology and run proofs of concept to learn which new business opportunities can be unlocked. This keeps us at the forefront of technological advancement and grounds our findings with business-smart decisions.

Thanks to this proactive approach, our business and operational processes are continuously improved while we scale up the company. With AI and Natural Language Processing, communication in Customer Success improves even as the total volume of comments increase. In operations, machine learning algorithms help our fulfilment processes to evolve and distribution planning to become sharper, while we deliver to more customers.

We are on the hunt for next-generation user interfaces and advanced logistics technology to crack the last mile inner-city distribution challenge. And with our forward-thinking team, Picnic will always be one step ahead.

- Daniel Gebler, CTO

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