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We work together as a family

In June 2020, I started as Team Lead in one of Picnic’s Distribution Centers (DC). This was my first job in the logistics field. Before entering Picnic I was a financial operator and club manager in Ibiza and Amsterdam. I’m currently using the skills I learned there on a daily basis, such as how to deal with (stressful) ad hoc situations, leading a group of people, and working with Excel. It’s great to use these skills in a new environment that is really dynamic, and where I can learn a lot about the know-how of logistic processes. 

I remember my first day in the Distribution Center. Everything was new which scared me at first, but luckily everyone I met was really friendly and helpful. After working here for 10 months, I can say this friendly attitude is part of the Picnic culture. In the DC we work together as a family. As a Team Lead, you are responsible for creating a pleasant work atmosphere. I try to achieve this by being visible to all the people in the DC, and by listening to and showing interest in my colleagues. I know the names of my colleagues, and if a new person joins I will memorize their name immediately, so they feel welcome. 

I enjoy the steep learning curve, and the diverse responsibility you get as a Team lead. Next to the daily operations, I’m responsible for projects, performance reviews, and hosting several workshops in our DC. During the leadership training I received, I improved my communication and leadership skills. And I got certification to drive in a reach truck! Picnic is a place where you will get the possibility to develop yourself and to grow if you work hard. Currently, I’m training to become a Supervisor. Really exciting! 

- Michelle Trautig, Team Lead (Captain)

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