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Data-driven Customer Success: Enhancing Picnic's Service

What makes working at Picnic interesting is the continuous development of the product. One of the important inputs for improvement is customer feedback. We are in touch with people through many different channels and we really cherish this contact. Leading the Customer Success team, I'm not only responsible for this contact but I also bring the customer's voice into all parts of the organisation.

Each customer and their question, problem or suggestion, is treated on an individual basis. However, we also combine this feedback into insights to help us understand where we can improve our product and service. Thanks to this data-driven approach, we are able to scale this process rapidly and get insights to the right parts of the organisation. This means that even while Picnic grows at a rapid rate, the inputs from customers are constantly incorporated into our operations.

As the Customer Success Lead, I collaborate with a diverse team. From analysts, operations managers, data scientists to designers, we build off each other's expertise and make the most of our varying skill sets. Being in touch with so many talented people in the organisation enables me to learn about different topics and gain an understanding of the whole product. One moment we're talking about development and data, and the next we're talking about broccoli.

Groceries are part of everyone's basic and daily needs. This makes me excited to work at Picnic. The app is not for an elite group, but for people from all walks of life - from families that want more time on their hands to people with tight wallets. I love the fact that we are working every day to bring people fresh and high-quality products, while further improving and growing the company.

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